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Interesting facts about smoking, electronic cigarettes and blu cigs.

blu Cigs infographic

 About blu Cigs                     

blu is an innovator and the leading provider of electronic cigarettes in the U.S., offering an alternative to smoking. blu’s high-tech “e-cigs” look and feel just like traditional cigarettes – without the smoke, smell and ash. blu eCigs are battery-operated – creating a smoke-free vapor “puff” that evaporates within seconds. blu Cigs are available in convenient disposables or rechargeable packs for continuous daily use, with or without nicotine and in a variety of flavors. blu eCigs have been featured in the presenter gift bags at the Grammy Awards and other celebrity events, and are used by a number of A-list actors, musicians, and athletes. Based in Charlotte, NC – at the heart of tobacco road – blu eCigs is the only e-cigarette provider whose ingestible contents are 100% made in the USA. For more, visit

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