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How Do blu Cigs Batteries Work?

blu cigs batteries

blu cigs batteries

Blu Cigs batteries work by powering the atomizer, contained within the flavor cartridge. This activation then vaporizes the nicotine and flavor solution to produce vapor which the user inhales and exhales. The activation of the battery is initiated by a speaker that listens for the sound of the air, which is created when the user drags on the cigarette. This activation then powers the atomizer contained within the cartridge when connected to the cigarette battery.

How Long Will a Single Charge Last?

Typically your blu Cigs batteries (blu Original and blu Premium) will provide approximately 80-100 puffs before requiring a full recharge. The Premium100 batteries will provide approximately 250-300 puffs before requiring a full recharge.

What E Cig Batteries Are Compatible With blu?

Only blu Cigs batteries are compatible with blu products and users should not use any other accessories or devices with their blu product. Doing so could cause harm and can void your blu one year warranty.

How Long Do blu Cigs Batteries Last?

If used as designed and outlined in your product manual your blu Cigs batteries have a lifespan of 1000 cycles (1000 charges) as long as the e cigarette battery is not tampered with, overcharged or exposed to stress and excessive heat such as a fire. This lifespan is standard to lithium polymer batteries.

Why is the Battery Blinking or Flashing?

Your blu Cigs batteries will blink or flash under two scenarios; firstly if your battery blinks 30 times it is letting you know that it needs to be recharged. If your blu battery blinks 5 times that is the safety mechanism activating and letting you know that you have been overusing the e cigarette and should stop using for 1-2 minutes or as suited. Under this scenario function is not affected and the battery can be used as normal.

How Do I Charge blu Cigs Batteries?

Blu Cigs batteries are best charged using the pack and the USB charger provided with either your Original, Premium or Premium100 e cigarette starter kits. Your blu pack is designed to be the best and most convenient way to charge your e cigarette batteries on the go. You should only use blu accessories to charge your blu Cigs batteries. Failure to do so could cause failure of your batteries and may void your warranty. Read our complete guide on how to charge blu E Cig batteries.

How Long Do blu Cigs Batteries Hold a Charge?

Li-Poly batteries in general have a self discharge rate of 5% per month. Meaning if a battery is fully charged and left unused in 20 months it will fully deplete its charge. If your blu Cigs batteries are going to be stored for any extended period of time they should be left with 40% to help maximize their lifespan. This is why cell phones only come with a partial charge when you purchase them.

Can You Overcharge a Battery?

If using a blu Original pack you should not leave your spare battery charging in the pack for more than 8 hours ideally. If using the blu Premium packs you can leave your spare battery in the charge slot for as long as need be as your pack will monitor and charge your spare battery as needed and will not allow the battery to be overcharged.

How Do I Store blu Cigs Batteries?

Your blu pack is the best place to store your blu Cigs batteries when not in use. The pack will keep your e cig batteries safe from puncture, heat exposure and from being lost. Your blu packs are also the best option for storage to prevent the batteries and cartridges exposure to germs and bacteria.

How Do You Properly Dispose of an E Cig Battery?

Lithium-polymer batteries are environmentally friendly. For safety reasons, it’s best that Li-Poly batteries be fully discharged before disposal (however, if physically damaged it is NOT recommended to discharge them before disposal). The batteries must also be cool before proceeding with disposal. Here are the best instructions for disposal of your blu Cigs batteries: Submerse the battery into a bucket or tub of salt water. This container should have a lid, but it should not need to be air-tight. Prepare a plastic container (do not use metal) of cold water. Mix in 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of water. Drop the e cigarette battery into the salt water. Allow the battery to remain in the tub of salt water for at least 2 weeks. Remove the battery from the salt water, wrap it in newspaper or paper towels and place it in the normal trash. blu Cigs batteries are landfill safe.

E Cigarette Battery Components

The components of an blu cigs battery consist of the housing which contains a sensor, the LED blue tip, a control chip and the li-poly battery.  For more information about e cigarettes, including how they work, please read our electronic cigarette FAQ.

blu cigs battery
blu cigs battery

Blu Cigs Batteries Specifications

blu cigs Battery Wattage

Energy storage is a better metric to discuss which shows how much ‘energy’ the eelectronic cigarette battery can deliver. Blu Original – 80mAH and Premium100 – 226mAH.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Voltage

Nominal is 3.7V (it ranges from 3.3V to 4.2V depending on the charge level).

Electronic Cigarette Battery Strength

The strength of the e cig battery is best answered by the fact the blu batteries are designed to power a 3 to 4 watt atomizer.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Weight

Blu Original and Premium batteries weigh 3 grams without the housing and 7 grams with the complete assembled product. Premium100 weighs 4 grams without the housing and 9 grams completely assembled.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Colors

You can purchase a blu cigs battery online in either white or black.

The latest in Lithium Ion technology for long life and easy screw-on assembly. Provides the necessary power to blu as well as the signature glow for a unique smoking experience. Light also acts as an alert system, letting you know when your blu cigs battery needs to be recharged.

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For more information about electronic cigarettes cigarettes, including your blu cigs batteries,  please read our electronic cigarette FAQ.

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