blu Cigs: Electronic Cigarette Batteries

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blu Electronic Cigarette Batteries

blu Electronic Cigarette Battery

blu E Cigarette Batteries

blu Cigs electronic cigarette batteries are e cig batteries that use cutting edge Lithium Ion technology designed for long-lasting life. Each electronic cigarette battery has a metal twist attachment for easy screw-on assembly at one end. The blu light is at the other end of the battery, which emits a brilliant glow of blue light when you inhale. The blu light also functions as an alert system.  It lets you know when your battery needs to be recharged.

Types of Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Electronic cigarette batteries are lithium-ion polymer batteries and often referred to as lithium polymer batteries. (Abbreviation Li-poly) Within the electronic cigarette industry they come in various sizes but the construction is basically the same in terms of the type of battery and chemical composition. This type of battery is used because it can be shaped into almost any shape and can be made to a size similar to that of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Automatic and Manual E Cig Batteries

Manual ecig batteries have the same construction and function as automatic batteries, such as blu’s batteries, however they require a button on the e cigarette to be pushed in order for the battery activate the atomizer and vaporize the liquid contained in the cartridge or cartomizer. These batteries have traditionally been used to prevent false activation of a battery while in storage to preserve battery power. To achieve this same result blu uses the blu smart packs for battery storage and to prevent activation.

Are blu Cigs Batteries Compatible With Other Brands?

Blu is not compatible with other brands and should not be used outside of their intended use with official blu Cigs products and accessories. Any use outside of that specified on the site and with product manuals may cause battery failure, injury and may also void your warranty.

How to Buy blu Cigs Batteries Online

Blu batteries for the blu Original, Premium and Premium100 can be purchased individually in the blu Cigs accessories section of Accessories such as batteries are not available at blu retail locations unless purchased within a starter kit.

How Much do blu Cigs Batteries Cost?

Blu electronic cigarette replacement batteries cost $12.95 for Original and Premium. Premium100 batteries are $14.95. Alternatively two e cigarette batteries are contained within each blu starter kit.

Battery Warranty Information

Blu electronic cigarette batteries and all accessories have a 1 year warranty and if returned will be repaired or replaced.

Battery Exchanges

All blu batteries are covered under our 1 year manufactures warranty. To have a defective battery replaced, simply print a Replacement Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. The more detail on the RMA provided with your return the easier and quicker it will be processed.

blu makes one of the most durable electronic cigarette batteries available.

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